Sunday, August 19, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

My poster on!

Working on this summer's new poster design for Dave Matthews Band.  I was looking at DavePosters for inspiration when I came upon my own design!  It was an awesome feeling that one of my customers from the Charlottesville shows last fall had thought enough of it to put it up in this database along all the "legit" posters that I look up to and find so beautiful.  I can't even say how flattered I am.  B and I are going to the Charlotte show and then 5 more from NY to VA this summer.  I've written down the name of the wonderful patron who took the picture and put my poster up on  You better believe, If we run into him he's getting a free summer tour poster!

Here's a link to my inflated ego...

Monday, March 19, 2012

What I'm working on tonight

Waited last minute to work on my most recent drawing again...I had all these detailed plans written out for a series I'm working on for drawing II but I'm throwing them all out the window tonight to free style a little bit and draw my favorite sculpture (like EVER).  I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Pieta by Michelangelo.  One of my many goals is to see this in person.  Well, I'm off to work on this.  I'll make sure to post my little interpretation of it when it's finished.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I knew I wasn't alone.

I was reading an old Playboy interview with Janeane Garofalo tonight and this quote made so much sense to me--I feel just the same.  She is so funny and honest.  

"I have self-loathing in that I am frequently disappointed in myself. I don’t work hard enough, don’t write enough, don’t donate enough to charity, don’t read enough. But I don’t have low self-esteem. I am a confident person. I don’t make bad choices in destructive relationships. I don’t abuse myself in a major way. I just grind my teeth. I have a bite plate, but unfortunately I can’t wear it. It covers the roof of my mouth and I can’t sleep in it. So I’ve wasted a lot of money on it, which causes more self-loathing, which makes me grind my teeth more. I just want to be a better person. I want to be funnier, I want to be smarter, I want to be healthier, I want to be nicer. But self-loathing drives me. I guess it’s a good thing. Better than being arrogant or being content to be a dick."

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brand New Year

Haven't posted anything in a while and I'm regret not taking some pictures through Christmas and posting.  I had a great Christmas and hope everyone else did as well.  I wish I had posted pictures of my tree at the apartment and at my mom's house...they both were beautiful (mostly my mom's though).

For the new year my boyfriend, his brother, and took a quick trip down to Topsail Island for the Keller Williams NYE concert in Wilmington.  I didn't stick around for the show but relaxed at the house instead.  Wish we could have stayed a LOT longer but it was a nice little trip.  A walk on the beach with you're b-friend is the perfect way to start the new year! Take my word for it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I hope this new year is wonderful and better than the last.  Christmas is wonderful but there's just something about January--all that hope and renewal.  Follow through with your resolutions, people, and keep yourself inspired all year long.  

Some basic resolutions I've made this year.

Lose some weight


Put my art to work

Friday, October 28, 2011

A little Ben and James to warm you up!

I don't know if I've mentioned this up here yet but I am a huge fan of James Taylor and his son, Ben Taylor, too. My mom played JT a lot when I was a kid and I really wanted us to see him together someday.  We got tickets for his show at memorial auditorium in Raleigh.  My dad died a week and a half before the concert.  It was hard time for us but I'm glad we went.  I can't speak for her but it got my mind off of everything that was going on while making me completely mushy inside too.  Whatever it was, it was good.  It soothed me.  Something familiar was nice.

Well, I found this on youtube.  It's from that exact show and it shows you pretty much how the whole show went--back and forth between James's and Ben's music, both of them singing on each other's songs.  The first three minutes is a song, I believe, by JT and Stevie Wonder, and the second is one by Ben called Nothing I Can Do, which was written for his mother and probably in my top 5 favorite songs ever.

I hope if you're having a hard day, or if you're just walking around with a worry or sadness in your chest (which I do sometimes) this will make you feel at home again with everything as it should be.  Even if things are not as they should be, in time we all realize that it will be okay and that what makes us so special as humans is our ability to create art, cook food, build homes, and sing songs to each other--to lift one another up.  Hope this warms you up:

Have a great Halloween weekend!  It's the least stressful holiday of all so enjoy yourself!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

just a little lazy blogging

Some words of wisdom, random thoughts, and things I've been up to:

Some people do not believe the madness part however.  Side story: B and I lived across the street from this crazy guy who would stand outside of his building eating spaghetti noodles out of Tupperware for extended periods of time in the same pose.  I'm saying I would drive past to run errands and come back an hour and a half later and he would be in the exact same position, shirtless.  B suggested that he might be making meth and would stand outside to avoid too much time around the chemicals.  I suggested it was performance art.  Big mistake..."ONLY YOU would say that!" he said.  Ha ha.  He's right, though.  Some people aren't genius...they're just making meth.  

sick of doing these awful monochromatic collages in design class.  I want to make colorful ones that look like this...

Ben Taylor's The Legend of Kung Folk album cover

Which reminds me of this song B and I keep playing over and over in the car...

Which brings me to my favorite record (need a CD copy so I can listen to it in the car) of the moment--Flag by James Taylor...

Very cool album cover (mine is in great shape--its like art!) and the inside is really cool too!

Thinking about getting an Etsy account and making a bunch of different prints to this worth my time? is this a good idea?

Speaking of prints... here's the latest

My little Dutch shoe (carved linoleum block print)

A more complicated version to turn in (part of my edition of 5)

It took me a good twenty minutes to find the cord thingy that puts the pictures on my computer...thinking I probably should email this to mom before I have the chance to lose it again :)

So I bought this today...and now my apartment smells realllly good...

and this little book that had some neat ideas for printmaking off the $1 table at Black Bear Books...

Apparently Black Bear has a website:
Hate that I missed Sharyn McCrumb there a couple weeks back!
So, I finally ordered a pair of Vans for B's belated birthday...

 They should be here tomorrow via FedEx and in order NOT to miss them (I hate getting that stupid little note left on my door! errr!) we are going to make sure to stay at my apartment all day tomorrow and not leave until they get here.  I have some school projects to work on but we have planned a long movie to watch to pass the time...

Really excited about this one! Seen some of it on TV before , ready to see it all the way through finally...we've been talking about renting it forever.

Well that's about it for now.
Man, nobody reads this thing.
Oh, well.