Saturday, August 13, 2011

"back to school"

I've been gone for a while in efforts to move all possessions from one place to another along with helping bf do the same.  Saw my latest blog post and thought that was a little depressing.  I was having a really hard time when I first moved here.  It's not the new place--because that part is awesome--but I just went through one of those sad spells that results in me in bed and bf trying to drag me out of it during dinner breaks from work.  He works a lot...I don't anymore and I think a sense of self fleeted when I quit my job.  I don't regret it one bit.  I hated working for those people--pretty sure half of them are sociopaths.  I mean pulling someone into your office and telling them to be more positive and peppy a month after their dad died is just weird.  Good riddance!  this post is not about that.  It's never been so much about that since I've quit.  I'm just used to doing things for myself, that's all.  I realize now that it is much better to let someone you love take care of you than feel completely unloved in your independence.  

So this is a happy post!  I'm starting art school on Thursday.  So maybe this is my "back to school" post.  I have a sick new apartment that is cool and relaxing and I can't wait for fall.  I have a new RL flannel shirt bf gave me that actually looks pretty cute on me.  I'm still looking for a job but at least I don't smell like rancid sugar all the time (lol).  Oh and I've--for the first time in years--made a decision that I think will make me really undoubtedly happy.  Here's the big secret...I'm moving home when this lease expires, and I'm going to transfer in time to graduate at East Carolina!  I can't wait to tell the grandparents. :)

Tried to find a photo..something for you to rest your eyes on, but this will have to suffice until I take pictures of my massive fireplace :)  Just a sweet song I like:

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